Mumbai University in association with Digital Academy-The Film School offers Post Graduate Diploma in Film & T.V.
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The Film and Television sector has been growing both in volume and diversity. There is growing need for qualified and trained personnel to develop and innovate the business to writing creatively put latest technologies to use and produce product to appeal the demands of consumer. The course is aimed at providing combination of the processes, characteristics, technology with management concepts and applications. Emphasis has been put on the syllabus on modern techniques, specialization after multi –functional gross exposure.

The course will be conducted in technical collaboration with Digital Academy, the film school. Management subjects will be conducted at Garware Institute and Film/ TV theory subjects, practicals, projects will be at Digital Academy.


To equip students with various functions, technology, trends, processes in films supported by practicals, projects and training to get in-depth knowledge and necessary skills for film and television sector.

Career Scope:

The employment opportunities are:

  • In Film and TV production, music production
  • Marketing and Distribution of film and television
  • In functions like project planning, Finance, Project Finance, coordination with Banks and Insurance, Billing and Recovery, Project Management, Run-level  Monitoring and Reporting to producers, Public Relations, Govt Coordination, Organising artists and resources, purchases and Logistics etc.
  • Personal or Family business of films production, distribution, theatre operations is in existence for long and has excellent opportunities.